Test For Your License

Where to find a testing session


Testing sessions are offered at various times and places. Look in the listings below to find a session near you. Some areas offer testing on a regular schedule. In those locations, no appointment is necessary simply show up at the prescribed location for your exam. Please be on time!

In other areas, tests are given only when there is a need. In those areas, please contact the person or persons named herein for further information.

Please note: The Anchorage ARC VEC operates testing sessions only within the geographical boundaries of the  State of Alaska.  If you live in another state or country, even if your mailing address is not in Alaska, you can still test with our VEC.  It is only the testing session itself that must take place within the state. 

If you live in another state or country, you may wish to test with a different group. In such case, please try either the ARRL (American Radio Relay League) or the W5YI Group. Both of these organizations offer testing at many locations in the remaining 49 states.

Exam Session Schedule

LocationBldg NameDatesTimeContact NameContact CallPhoneE-mailNotes
AnchorageHope Community Resources Office, 540 W Int'l Rd, Anchorage2nd Saturday/Mth2:00 PMKathleen O'KeefeKL7KO907.243.4675kokalaska@gmail.com1, 2
BethelKYUK Radio Station, Radio St, BethelAs needed, callTBDKen EgglestonNL7SP907.543.5698nl7sp@gci.net3
CordovaVaries, call contactAs needed, callTBDJoan BehrendsKL2XN907.424.5773alaska.behrends@gmail.com
FairbanksFar North CB Radios Plus Bldg., 3451 College Rd, Fairbanks1st Saturday/Mth1:00 PMMike PerryAL7F907.590.7215patperry@gci.net
HomerHomer Public Library, 500 Hazel Ave, HomerAs needed, callTBDToby ReichKL2T907.399.7667tobyr@gci.net
JuneauVaries, call contactAs needed, callTBDJerry PrindleKL7HFI907.789.7291kl7hfi@att.net
Kenai / SoldotnaKenai Borough EOC, 253 Wilson Lane, SoldotnaAs needed, callTBDMax Carpenter, WA7BWA7B907.394.2907wa7b@aol.com3
Palmer-WasillaCentral Public Safety Bldg, Fire Stn 61, 101 W Swanson Ave, Wasilla4th Saturday/Mth7:00 PMKen SlausonKL7VE907.376.8698kl7ve@tiresias.net1
SitkaSitka Fire Department, 209 Lake Street, Sitka1st Saturday/Mth12:00 PMBenjamin DowningKL2UF907.738.2703aikiben@gci.net1
ValdezVaries, call contactAs needed, callTBDJim GiffordKL1IO907.255.1221giffordsalaska@gmail.com
IMPORTANT: For all testing session, please be on time! Doors may be locked if you arrive late!

Note 1: No exams if the date falls directly on a major holiday, such as July 4th, Christmas day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving day, January 1, etc.

Note 2: Park in Front of the Building. That is the closest entrance to the exam area. Hope Community Resources is a secure building, so it is important that you be on time. Doors are kept locked except for a few minutes immediately preceding the exam session. Do NOT be late!

Note 3: Exam location may change on short notice. Verify with contact.

Contact Kent Petty, KL5T at ve@kl7aa.net for additional info.



What happens if your city is not listed here? 

Don’t despair!  

The Anchorage VEC can schedule exams on an as-needed basis for most Alaskan towns.  To find out if an exam session can be scheduled for your town, send us an email or call us at the number below.

By email: ve@kl7aa.net
Telephone: Kent Petty, VE manager  (907) 632-3963

Remote Testing

For those locations where there are not enough local hams to make up a conventional volunteer examiner team, we offer a “remote testing” program that lets individuals who live great distances from one of our regular testing locations take their exam over the Internet. This program was approved by the FCC (as of July 2014), in response to a petition filed by the Anchorage VEC in mid-July, 2011.   

If this is your situation, contact us at ve@kl7aa.net or telephone 907.632.3963 for additional information.

Please note that it will take several days for us to make the necessary arrangements after we hear from you.

A few notes about remote testing: 

This service is limited to individuals whose physical and legal address is within the State of Alaska.   Please do not ask us about remote testing for persons living in other states.

Special Note: We are informed that the ARRL VEC does plan to offer remote testing to some applicants who live in other areas.  If this is your situation, you should contact the ARRL VEC for more information.  

Also, this service is NOT offered to Alaskan individuals who reside in a location where there are regularly scheduled exams. (see the list of regular exam locations, above)

There are certain technical requirements for remote testing.  First among these is that there must be access to a high-speed Internet connection that can support full-motion video and concurrent audio.  Most Alaskan towns have this option via the local school or medical clinic.   

Click here for more information about remote testing.

If you have questions about Amateur Radio in general or specific questions about the testing program, you may send an e-mail to us.