Equipment Problems, Checkout, and Management

AARC uses the Fixx web-based computerized maintenance management system to manage assets.  It was formerly known as “MA CMMS’.  The website for Fixx still uses “macmms” in their web address.

If you find problems with any club equipment, please let us know by submitting a work order request.  Similarly, if you want to CHECK OUT a piece of equipment, submit a work order request.  Simply click on “Submit a Maintenance Service Request” when you get to the page and fill out the requested information.  Please be sure to include:

  • Your name and callsign 
  • Phone number
  • E-mail address
  • A detailed description of the items or items with the problem or of what you are checking out including:
    • PROPERTY Tag Number (if there is one)
    • Equipment nomenclature (brand, model, S/N, etc.)
    • Description of the problem or reason for removal
    • Estimated date of return (if checking the equipment out)

We’ll receive the request and turn it into a work order.  If you are checking equipment out, you’ll receive an e-mail after we process your submission indicating that a work order has been assigned to you for checking out the equipment.

When you RETURN an item, send an e-mail to to let us know.  We’ll then close out the work order.  THANKS!

Kent Petty, KL5T
Vice President / Equipment Manager